Find out how screen printing or embroidering your logo on work shirts, vinyl signs, stickers, cups, and pens can help better brand your business.


No matter if it is a large or small business, branding is one of the most important aspects to promote your business. Having a brand strategy that is effective can give your business a major edge in competitive markets. But what exactly is branding?


Building your brand is obtained from who you are as a business, who you want to be and who people perceive your business to be. It is your promise to your customers, telling them what they can expect from your services or products. It also differentiates you from the competition, so your customers can recognize you easily.


What makes up your brand is your…



  • A logo should be clean, simple, eye-catching, and original. It should stand out to your customers and illustrate your business’s key benefit.



  • Similar to your logo, your website should be clean, simple, eye-catching, original, and be easy for your customers to use. Your website should also match your logo in colors and design.


Promotional merchandise

  • Promotional merchandise can be found just about anywhere. From pens to signs, t-shirts to coffee mugs, promotional merchandise never stops and can help increase brand awareness.


Promotional merchandise can also increase brand recognition, promote your business, facilitate low-cost marketing, and makes for creative marketing. When it comes to promotional merchandise, it is important to know the most affordable and effective way to use them.


For example…

  • Having a budget. While promotional merchandise is considered a low-cost marketing strategy, having a budget will help ensure you keep your costs low.



  • Catering to your audience. There are countless of items you can use for your promotional merchandise, but does it cater to your audience’s behavior? If you own a hat store and you’re catering to teenagers, it would be better to hand out sunglasses or water bottles rather than coffee mugs and pens.



  • Promote at events. While promotional merchandise can easily be given out at your store for a specific purchase or for free for simply walking in, handing them out at events can promote to people who have never heard of your business. When it comes to sponsoring or participating in an event, however, it is best to match your merchandise to the event. For example, if the event is in the summer, water bottles and sweatbands are great. Sweatshirts on the other hand? Not so great.


Promotional merchandise is a great way to brand your business and is meant to get your name out there. At Sniders Sports and Apparel, we can print your logo on t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, banners, vinyl signs, and so much more. So begin branding your business today with promotional merchandise. Contact Sniders Sport and Apparel today!