Best Fabrics for Sport Team Jerseys

Find out what type of fabric will better improve your team’s performance.


No matter if it is basketball, soccer, or cross country, choosing a jersey fabric for your team can either affect them negatively or positively. When it comes to choosing the best fabric for your sports team, you will want to consider these three factors:


  • Moisture-wicking– To keep you dry and comfortable as you sweat.
  • Breathability– To keep you cool and protect your body from heat exhaustion.
  • Flexibility– To stretch with your body’s movement for more comfort and range of motion.


While some sports teams may need jerseys to cover all three, some may need a fabric that is breathable and flexible or just moisture-wicking. To help you choose a fabric that best suits your team, here is a list of fabrics we offer at Snider Custom Apparel, along with a few points to explain what they are best at doing.



  • Natural, soft feel
  • High breathability
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to clean
  • For indoor and outdoor activities
  • If not properly maintained, may shrink.



  • Durable and stretchy
  • Maintains its shape better
  • Breathable
  • Wicks moisture and dries quickly



  • Strong and durable
  • More resistant to shrinking, stretching, wrinkling, and tearing
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Best for high-stress activities and recreational outdoor fun
  • Help keep the body warm in colder climates.



  • Softer, lighter feel
  • Durable and versatile
  • Best for low to medium impact activities
  • Shape and color last longer
  • Less likely to shrink, pill, wrinkle and create static


At Snider Custom Apparel, we offer all sorts of fabrics to give you options for your sports team. We also can screen print your team’s name and logo on the jersey, along with putting each team player’s name and number on it. Whether you feel spandex or polyester would best suit your team, we can design the perfect jersey for them. So contact Snider Custom Apparel to place an order for your team’s jerseys today.